These are the main beaches going from south to north in Puerto Escondido.


Lovely beach with waves running all day long. This place is a surf spot and it could be quite busy with many surfers wanting to catch their own wave, but many people are just sitting on their board and watching the waves. If you are a beginner go surf with your instructor otherwise you would not enjoy this beach. Beach is usually busy in the evening when people come to watch the beautiful sunset. Super close to this beach is street Alejandro Cardenas Peralta where are many cool restaurants, pubs, and shop with a surf and beach vibe. You can go to the restaurant straight from surf in shorts only and everyone is fine with it, which is cool!



Great for riding the waves or hanging out on the beach and taking a quick dip in the ocean. This is not a beach for swimming or hanging out in the ocean unless you have a surf or bodyboard. The surf and undertow are dangerous along this beach. This Brisas de Zicatela neighborhood is also the place to stay if you want a younger and more hip and lively bunch to hang out with. Plenty of lodging and good restaurants and the best coffeehouse are down there.


Great place for pictures, a walk, or a swim - or all of the mentioned. Make sure to bring sunscreen since it can get hot. Yet, there are many restaurants that offer seating by the beach with a great view and a relaxing vibe. Different to Playa Zicatela, the majority of people is of Mexican origin, and potentially local.



Great swimming beach in Puerto Escondido. Gets busy by late morning. with decent food and drink. A reasonable amount of free shade. This place is a paradise on earth. Still authentic with great vibes and a friendly neighborhood. You can snorkel, there are many types of fish and the area is right at the beginning of the sea.


The beach is good for snorkeling and paddleboarding but not surfing because a lot of the Fishermen dock their boats in the center of the water, chill vibes great restaurants with great food, and local beers.



Beautiful beach for a whole day of sunbathing and swimming. Come early in the morning to claim your spot on the sand! Nice spot for snorkeling if you come early in the AM when the water is calm.


Great beach, it was very clean, the waves were a bit strong but it was fun. You can pay to enter through the Hotel Villa Mexicana, because the public side entrance into the beach had a gate and was closed. The hotel charges 80 pesos, which included access to the near beach pool, a burger, and a soda/water.

Playa Coral.JPG


Probably the quietest beach in Puerto Escondido, it’s very green since there is not much infrastructure, only two beach clubs. At 5 pm every day they release baby turtles for 100 pesos during hatching season. Beautiful sunset too. Bring snacks and drinks!